I've spent the last 12 years applying research and design across the fields of Psychology, Public Health, IoT (smart technology) within academic research, and robotics within last-mile delivery services. This enables me to navigate complexity with strong foundations in quantitative, qualitative, and iterative methods. As a UX researcher and designer, I'm motivated, strategize, and aim to elevate design and people. 
Prototypes of an interactive career journey map. It outlines key methods, practices, strategies, and impact. Stay tuned!
Complex Beginnings
My family faced generational trauma. My parents had many issues they tried to rectify in having a family of their own. Unfortunately, the odds were stacked against us. As a family, we faced financial instability, homelessness, and other hardships. By 15, I left my home. Fortunately, my aunt and uncle took me in. 
Mom and Dad.
Foundations in Empathy
This was a really difficult time for me. As I searched for meaning, I took refuge in learning about others. It taught me about wicked problems in a world where complexity exists as a byproduct of systemic issues. I have a deep well from which I can draw empathy in service of others. 
I was able to focus on studying art, anthropology, and politics.
Learning and Giving Back
I believe everyone should have a seat at the table. I'm grateful for my perspective, and I put it to work. I remain principled to elevate others as they navigate obstacles on their paths. 
Instructional and Experience Design- after a training for a peer education group using a cohort-based model.
Applying Anthropology
I've brought a lot of people together to collaborate. Here are some examples. Major updates pending. 
I use a tenet of anthropology regularly- cultural relativity. Cultural relativity means that people construct their knowledge, motivations, practices, and values relative to their culture. By learning about my stakeholders' (end users-team members) personal cultures, I'm able to weave their concerns, user needs, and business strategy into good products and experiences.  
Human-Centered & Motivated Researcher and Designer
I'm motivated by curiosity, a desire for equality, and a scientific yet empathetic understanding of people. I understand Design permeates everyday objects, relationships, and systems. This impacts real people, and structures how I craft thoughtful methods, products, and experiences. 
My motivations enable me to navigate complexity and inform my methods. Major updates pending. 
I'm iterative by nature, believing that most things can be tweaked and continuously optimized. I learn, because I find it fulfilling. I use my learnings to gain insights on the human experience. I apply those learnings because it gives me purpose. Wash, rinse, repeat. 
A sketch. Constantly learning, applying, and iterating. 
Just for Fun
In my free time, I recharge by riding my bike up big hills, appreciating plants and animals, volunteering, recording as a studio musician, cooking, tinkering with Arduino physical computing, working on cars, drawing, and occasionally nothing at all!
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